Tagxedo Character Traits Activity

I saw a great idea today posted by Becky Lynn Perkins on Pinterest (http://blperkins.blogspot.ca/).  It really inspired me to have my students upload their own images when using Tagxedo instead of using the provided templates.  Tagxedo is one of the choices my students can use for “Book Bingo.”Wonder Tagxedo      They can choose to use it for a story’s setting or for a character’s traits.  But…none of them has ever used their own image.  After seeing Becky’s students projects, I decided I had to figure out how to do it!

Tagxedo doesn’t give much direction.  But once I figured it out, it was easy!

  •  Start by going to the website  http://www.tagxedo.com/
  • You will need an image and the words you want to include.
  • Caution!  This program doesn’t work with Chrome.  They tell you which browser to use.  I just used Explorer.
  • Click the “Start Now’ link.  This will take you to Tagxedo-Creator.
  • Click Load…
  • It gives the option of uploading a document with the words or using a website.  I just typed the words I wanted to use in the box where it says “Enter Text.”
  • It will put your words into a generic shape.  You can play with the colors and fonts.
  • Click “Shape” to upload your image.  I just used Snag-it and captured mine online.  Make sure your image is saved as a .jpg or .png.
  • Now, just “Add Image.”  The program will put your words into the image!
  • Your done and  can print it if you like.  I snagged mine and pasted it into a document.  Then snagged the title from the web and added it to my document as an image.  I tjust yped in the author’s name.
  • This way I can save it as a document!
  • Easy peasy:)

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