House Elves Cleaning Poster

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I made this for the library, but I think I’m going to hang one above the sink in the teacher’s lounge;)

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Best Blueberry Pancakes

My family loves blueberry pancakes.  My mother made them when I was a kid using Bisquick and buttermilk.  She would mix the blueberries in with the batter creating a blue batter.   While the were delicious, the blue batter didn’t look very appetizingblueberry pancakesg.   As a young mother, I made them the same way my mother did.  My two older boys didn’t care what they looked like.  The always ate them all without complaint.  By the time my oldest daughter was old enough to voice her disgust with the color, I had been questioning the nutritional content of bisquick and corn syrup.  So I decided to revamp the old recipe to make it better looking and better for us.

I tried making them from scratch with whole wheat flour using an old recipe I dug up somewhere.  The kids enjoyed sifting the flour and helping mix the batter.  They tasted ok, but they were way too much work and created a huge mess.  I need quick and easy in the morning.

I went back to the Bisquick, but I threw in some wheat germ or ground flax seeds to make me feel better.  These were pretty good, but still required eggs and buttermilk and mixing bowls.

Then I found Kodiak Cakes Flapjack mix.  This is made from whole grains and the only thing I need to add is water.  Now, I mix up a big batch in the blender, use what I need for breakfast, and store the blender in the fridge for the next morning’s breakfast.

  • IMG_0943To mix up the batter in the blender, put the water in first.  Then add the powdered mix.  I like mine a little thinner, so I just add a little more water.
  • Make sure your griddle is good and hot!  You don’t want to pour batter on the griddle before it is hot or you will end up with cream colored flapjacks.
  • Getting rid of the icky blue color was an accident.  I forgot to put in the blueberries, and #1 was really irritated.  He grabbed a few and dropped them onto the pancakes I had just IMG_0946poured onto the griddle.  The cooked perfectly and burst open when we cut into the pancakes.  This is the only way we make them now. This method also works well with frozen blueberries!
  • Let them cook until the bubbles on the pancakes pop and the edges get a little dry.
  • Flip them!
  • You know they are cooked through when the start to steam.
  • The tops of the pancakes hide the berries, which makes for a very lovely pancake;)
  • These also freeze well.  Just space them out on a microwave safe plate and cook for about one minute.