Colored Pencil Containers

IMG_3760My family drinks a lot of iced tea.  The packets come in tall, clear plastic containers with lids.   I keep them because I like that I can see through them.  I use them to store things like hair clips or the tips for my icing bag.  I’ve rolled up scarves, put them inside and packed them in my suitcase.  They have lots of uses.

IMG_3762My favorite use for them is to hold colored pencils.  We always have a lot of colored pencils floating around in tubs and drawers.  They never seem to have a home of their own.  These powdered drink containers are the perfect size for pencils.  It’s easy to see the one you want because the sides are clear, and the points don’t break off like they do when they are thrown in a bin.  A pack of 24 colored pencils fits perfectly.  And best of all, it’s FREE!


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